Farina Imports, LLC.

San Diego, CA USA


Josh Weber

2 Responses to Contact

  1. Hello, Josh!
    I just found your website through some friends of mine from Brazil. To be more specific, they’re from Cambui, South of Minas Gerais. Their names are Ricardo Araujo and Regis Duarte, that got in touch with you a couple of months ago, about Cachaca Colinas do Sul.
    I’m going to Los Angeles next July, and I would like to know if you still have that product to sell, because I have friends that would love to buy it.
    Thanks for your attention.
    🙂 FF

    • Hi! Mr. Araujo is a great guy, will you be here to perform? if you want to do shows I can hook you up with an event person in the San Diego/ LA area. We have product in San Diego and Santa Barbra. We are working on LA. let me know when you are in town, Josh

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